Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aman kiss Ass a?

I read the Deccan Chronicle, not Times of India. So when I saw an ad on the TV, where people across the border (read Pakistan) and Indians play a game of dumb charades to communicate a Radio Song Request, I had no clue about 'Aman ki Asha'

Those of you who know me personally also know that I am a huge fan of Mahatma Gandhi. Even when it was fashionable to be a Gandhi hater. I believe in peace not for lofty humanitarian ideals, but because it makes sense. Economic Sense. While watching me shoot zombies to bits you would hardly suspect that a rabid supporter of peace is wielding a Hand Cannon and a Machine Gun with so much panache.

Considering all this, why do I hate this renewed attempt at fostering peace with our neighbour?

Gandhi said "
Nonviolence and cowardice are contradictory terms". I am hard-pressed not to categorize our constant attempts at peace with Pakistan as anything but cowardice.

Back when I was in school/college, there was a lot of criticism against peace with Pakistan because of the 'hurt of partition'. The generation affected by the partition just could not forget what they had gone through and could not bring themselves to forget it. I never understood that stance. Doesn't it make sense to forget the past and move on?

That's the same question I asked myself when I saw the 'Aman ki Asha' ad.

Sure, I can forget the partition happened. Because it happened well before me, and I have not been affected by it. I suppose by the same logic I can forget the first two wars with Pakistan (especially because my excuse for a research, i.e. Wikipedia,  leads me to believe we were responsible for one of them).

And going by my earlier statement, I had to forget even the recent past. The past I had lived through. That included Kargil, the numerous terrorist attacks (which sadly I have lost count of), and even the recent one in Mumbai where we captured the lone terrorist, gunman, innocent bystander who has the same DNA as the terrorist by a freak of nature.

Sure let me take inspiration from Aamir Khan in Ghajini  and erase every bit of our past with Pakistan. But can I erase the present? If I forget anything ever happened, would I still want to be 'brothers' with a nation that is regressing backwards in time at frantic pace, a nation that is still the main hub of Terrorism Outsourcing., a nation that has no semblance of democracy?

I am not for war. No. That is not what I am saying at all. I would want us to be internally secure, that means taking down all the 'sleeper cells', and the Maoist threat (which is actually more worrying right now) and then just ignore Pakistan. No animosity. No friendliness. Like the way I treat my annoying neighbour who clears his throat and spits from the balcony every single day.

Which is why the whole incident with the Pakistan cricketers being ignored in the IPL auction made me laugh out loud. Especially Afridi's statement 

And those of you who say Sports and Arts should be kept away from politics... just give me one good reason.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wooow! Let's do that again...NOT!

Apart from the Jackson family, and AP politicians I am not sure too many people can claim a very eventful 2009.

The year began with a Bang! Just a day after my birthday, I was one among 50k (including 'ghost' employees) witnesses who had a ring side view of apna Saccham sinking. A few weeks of excitement were followed by a couple of months of uncertainity, gloom, doom...and loads of fun (hey...the teacher and the principal are busy with school inspection... we are going to party, so what if the exams are next week...right???)

And what followed the uncertainity, gloom and doom? Well, we did get to know what is going to happen to us. And we did not like it. It was apparent that me and my whole team would be among the many to be 'let go'. 

And the economy being what it was, I was recieving an average of 1.3 job related emails a month. And they were for jobs like crash test dummy, and ear shaver for Laloo Prasad.

So here I was in a sinking ship, in shark infested waters, and don't forget that we were expecting a baby at that time. And to make matters worse, all this tension did nothing to reduce my weight. I weighed as much as I ever did, and my sleep? If anything I was sleeping longer hours.

If there is an award for the luckiest jhastard of 2009, I deserve at least to be nominated. Seriously!! (touchwood touchwood)

The roller coster ride continued...and the 2nd half was the fun part.

While many of my colleagues and friends had their luck deserting them, I got a job from Microsoft no less!! And what's better than joining Microsoft you ask? Its leaving it for an even better prospect. I know many reading this blog would not agree that my current job is better, but this is my life, my career, and my I know best! :-)

So while people had to undergo some of their worst career phases, I ended up being where I dreamt of going. And seemingly in one fell swoop!

But the best was yet to come...

Good amazing things come in the tiniest of packages!

I knew it was going to be fun. But didn't realize it would be so awesome. Giving me hours of pure fun non-stop! Teeny Tiny thingy!!


I am of course, referring to my lil Nintendo Wii

Jokes apart, My favourite moment of 2009 was on 31st. When the tiniest member of my family was full of New Year spirit and screaming and giggling like her tiny screws came lose. Maybe she knows things are going to be even better in 2010. Or maybe she knows that it doesn't matter. 

In 2009, we became a family. And that made it possibly the best year ever.