Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Return of the undercover statistician

Statistician's first strike
  • 390 people think they just had the next great idea
    • 9 actually did.
    • Only 1 will actually do something about it.
  • 4,002 people across Asia, Europe and North America fell in love right this moment.
  • 143,349 people across these continents fell out of love now!
    • All 147,351 of them are thrilled about it.
  • 146,384 people across the globe are wondering if their sexual fantasies actually mean they are perverts.

    • 1,845 of them (including you) qualify as perverts.
  • 34,340 people are thinking of quitting their jobs.
    • Only 540 had the guts to do it.
    • 11 of them got fired before they could quit.
  • 11,345 are happy that they got away with a petty crime

    • 948 people are bummed out that they have been blamed for something they didn't do. Not this time.
  • 138 people across South India tried squeezing their toothpaste tube to get that last bit out.
    • All 128 got enough to brush for today.
    • 89 will get enough the day after.
    • 11 the day after that.
  • 74% of the people reading this blog will consider either clicking an Ad or voting in the poll.
    • 51% will do neither
    • 18% will vote on the poll
    • 1% will click the ad
    • 4% (which includes you) will do both.