Saturday, September 12, 2009

List Ahoy!

Just thought I owed myself and the world a 'non baby' post since I obviously have metamorphosed into a 'proud parent' who incessantly talks about their kid.

Followers of this blog probably know about the 'other blog', where I keep an annual wishlist of 'Things I wish I could buy right now'. I have always liked looking at last year's list and also coming up with one for the next year. Some things in old lists make you go 'What the hell was I thinking?' , while some elicit a 'How pathetic was I'. But I guess the worst are the ones that keep recurring year after year…after year. And make you want to drown yourself in the toilet bowl for simply failing to buy something that you want and can afford. Case in point, a scanner. This year's list has an 'MFD' and an LCD TV…and take a look at the first list….from 2003.

VixList also hosts wishlists from many of you. So go through your old wish list if you can get to it. And feel free to send across your wishlist for this year. Trust me, it's worth it.

Vixlist can be found at: