Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Living better - #2


Decided I would not be blogging about Time management or Body building...but don't heave a sigh of relief yet... Cauz herz me telling you how to live better...

Here goes..

Sometimes it might seem that something that made you happy in the past doesn't seem to do it anymore. You feel you don't enjoy doing something anymore though you always did in the past.

Next time you find something like this (say Yodelling while riding mules), try to remember when you did this last. It might just turn out that you don't remember. And the reason you feel that you don't enjoy doing it anymore is because you don't do it anymore... Get it?

So the solution is.. just go head and do it anyways... at least just once more. Get on the mule and yodel your heart out... if it doesn't rock your boat...then write it off. But at least this time you have proof.

Is this my wierdest post ever????

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Off 2 Bang

My Broadband is off since I've not yet paid my bill... :-) But I've been besotted with TV for the past week since I have Tata Sky now. Been watchin whatever tripe is served to me...but its digital stereo DVD quality tripe..so there!

Am off to Bangalore for Diwali and will be back on Monday to tell you something about

a) Time Management (!!!!?????)
b) Body Building (!!!!????)

Happy Diwali!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Juley Leh, Juley Leh...

If you are expecting a detailed travelogue here, prepared to be disappointed. I will not be telling you in detail about each day and place. This can be because of two reasons:

1. I am not sure that my writing skills (or lack of) would do justice in describing the splendor of Ladakh.

2. I am so sure that I will do such an amazing job of telling you about the places I visited, that it will instantaneously transport you there and give you the feeling that you have been there. That way you will have a free trip to Leh, while I had to shell out 30k.

I leave it to your better judgment on which of the two reasons it can be. Anyways....here we go.

Day 0 - Air Deccan to Delhi
Its always heartening to see the people in airport waiting...watching for the arrival...of their luggage. As each person spots her piece of luggage, the eyes light up.

But as it turns out, we had 3 rounds of 'Orphan Luggages' while waiting... you know what I am talking about.... Nobody ever claims the first 10 baggages that roll out in the belt. My belief is that the airlines just put on these orphans which no one wants in the hope that some passengers adopt them. After nearly 20 minutes, my backpack resembling a mini-mountain comes rolling along on the groaning conveyor belt. We hug and get out of the airport.

Met the Dilli Assoles, aka Anil and Riwin. Saw the India Gate but was dejected to know that we can't go around the place while standing up in our car seats a'la Rang De Basanti. Not only would the army not let vehicles so close by, Anil's car does not have an open top. After the mandatory Butter Chicken dinner, we head to Gurgaon.

Gurgaon impresses, much like Bangalore did when I first visited it. Hope this place does not go down the toilet during subsequent visits like Bangalore did.

Sleep for 1.5 hours on the bean bag while watching TV.

Day 1 - Indian to Leh

Eat Count: 1 (Coffee at the airport.)

A very angry looking aunty scowls at me in the Delhi airport and barks 'IC 450? Take the bus' . I hide inside my mammoth backpack and squirm into the plane. Airhostess aunty serves vada and upma. The cute air hostess restricts herself to Business Class.

As we near Leh (after passing by Jammu), the scene from the window is breathtaking making us wish, they cleaned the window glasses once in a while.

As we land in Leh, we are informed that photography is prohibited in the Leh and that each of us must probe the other passenger's bodily openings for hidden grenades. Just kidding, photography was prohibited only in the airport.

Landing in Leh, we find ourselves breathing heavily. Everyone feels like they are in a porn movie.

Meal Count: 2 (Coffee+Airline breakfast)

Take a cab (Cabbie name: Namgial) to Padma Guest House. Get reminded of Maniratnam's Roja as he takes us through narrow lanes leading to the guest house. Grab breakfast. We have an awesome view of snow-capped mountains on one side and a monastery on the other. The monastery reminds me of a particular illustration in Tintin in Tibet.

Meal Count: 3 (Coffee+Airline breakfast+Coffee, Cheese Omelette's and Ladakhi bread)

We are advised to rest for the day. Have a nap, wake up and order some food, but learn that the guest house serves only breakfast and dinner. We forage for food in the local market.

Meal Count: 4 (Coffee+Airline breakfast+Coffee, Cheese Omelette's and Ladakhi bread+Momos and Pakodas)

Head back to the hotel since its close to dinner time. Me and Riwin go out to get supplies (Lay's and Water). On the way back, get a snack at a Tibetian place.

Meal Count: 5 (Coffee+Airline breakfast+Coffee, Cheese Omelette's and Ladakhi bread+Momos and Pakodas + Momos and Soup with Momos in it)

Anil calls us as we finish our meal and tells us that dinner is being served.

Meal Count: 6 (Coffee+Airline breakfast+Coffee, Cheese Omelette's and Ladakhi bread+Momos and Pakodas + Momos and Soup with Momos in it+ Dal Rice, Chicken, Soup, Vegetables and Dessert)

Its almost 9 PM and we head to sleep. I dig into some of the supplies we got.

Day 2 - Walk down to Leh
Took an Omni to visit the nearby monasteries. Tsemo, of which we had a breathtaking view from our guest house and Shanti Stupa. We walk down to Leh city through a village. Good day.

Day 3 - Trekking to the Hemis phere.
When we landed in Leh, my mobile stopped working for some strange reason. And since my mobile is the only clock I have, I stopped keeping track of time. By Day 3, I realize I lost track of the dates too... I had no idea what day it was or what time. So don't be surprised if the events are not in the right order. Consider it a tribute to Tarantino.

After visiting the Hemis monastery, we trek uphill to Gotsang. We are amazed by the sparkling streams and the breathtaking vista... breathtaking... yes! We stop to catch our breath every 3-4 steps. I wonder if the Lamas in the monastery have a secret elevator from behind the mountain.

Stop over at the banks of the Indus river to polish off our packed lunch. Have a rendezvous with some ducks near Shey Palace.

Day 4 - On Top of The World

We go to Khardungla Pass - The highest motorable road in the world. Its way more impressive (and cold) than I could imagine. Me and Riwin take a leak from the top... as a mark of achievement.

Achievement of what? I wonder. We didn't build the road. We didn't even trek to the top. We paid a driver to take us up there in a climate controlled SUV.

In the evening we shop. And we eat.

Day 5 - Dil Se...
We go to Pangong lake. The lake where the 'Satrangi Re' song from Dil Se... was shot. It was this song, and therefore this lake that I had decided that one day I would visit Leh.
A quicksand tries to drag me down to hell, while our there, is heaven. I will let some pictures do the talking here.

Days 5&6 - I forget ...

The rest of the days I forget what we did... but take it from me. You missed a lot. Even if you were on the trip. Because there is no way our puny brains can process all the beauty (damn! I wish I had a better word) that surrounds us.

As we leave from Leh airport, a particular bit from Iris by Goo Goo Dolls haunts me....

You are the closest to heaven, that I've ever been, and I don't want to go home right now.

Back in Gurgaon - Mall City
Aha! I can always make this a post for another day. So watch out for my Gurgaon Diary.

I conducted to find out where do Ladakhis holiday. They visit the sea-side.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to business

Came back home at 6PM today. End of the longest vacation since I started working. Expect a long post very soon about the trip....

Am turning in now.... Juley