Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gult in Amreecia



Rediff forums are always a sure bet for something interesting… almost every discussion meanders off to a pointless discussion (mostly north vs. south).

I chanced upon (my colleague actually) this beauty in the discussion on an article on Satyam layoffs. I still think its actually a spoof by the writer himself… seems too funny to be true….


update: you might want to click the image to view it completely. image001

Thursday, May 21, 2009

jack jack attack

am watching ‘something’s gotta give’.

jack nicholson is one guy who you can just watch while he talks. think about it. I cannot think of another actor who is so totally engrossing when he is just talking…. makes you think about how amazing it would be to watch jack yack away in a tarantino movie.

btw, the one actor who is totally engrossing when he is doing nothing at all is bill murray.

p.s. hbo is such a prude. in the subtitles they refuse to show the word ‘sex’. so you have jack asking the doc “can i have?”

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ilekson Phever!

In case you don’t know it, I do enjoy politics. And by that I mean, I like to know what’s going on, and watching election results is one of my all time favourite ‘time passes’. My earliest memories of election  counting days are good ones. Since the counting spanned across days and Doordarshan used to telecast movies (a rare commodity in those days) all day.

Now, I get my jollies by switching to the channel ‘sponsored’ by the losing or trailing political party, and watch the hosts and ‘experts’ try to grapple with the inevitable.

Before going any further, maybe a quick confession is due. I did not vote in this elections. This is the first time, since I turned 18 that I have not voted. I have two reasons excuses for this:

1. I had booked my tickets to Bangalore before the election dates were announced.

2. Even if I was here, my name wasn’t on the list….. this inspite of submitting the required forms and stuff.

Coming to this election, It was an interesting one.

In the center, I was rooting for BJP. Not because I wasn’t happy with the current government’s tackling of internal security, but because it appeared inevitable that a UPA government could be formed without Left support. And that is something this country cannot afford.

Now that it appears that UPA will win, I am actually fine with it. Because the Left has taken a beating and will not have a say in the budget and policies.  I expect a good budget and market now.

For the state, I really was confused. I am was a supporter of Chandrababu Naidu. Until he started promising free TVs, cash, Nintendo Wii, Lip Guard, Underwear, disposable panties, and so on.

I hate the present Congress regime in the state. Mainly because of the CMs obsession with naming the state after the Gandhi family. I am afraid another term would lead to Hyderabad being renamed to Rajivabad. But the saving grace was that they are now the only openly anti Telengana state party.

The result for the state is not yet clear, but it does appear that Telengana state would remain a concept for the time to come. And that is the silver lining for me.

Overall, I am happy with the results in both state and central elections. But for reasons I didn’t expect.