Thursday, August 05, 2010

Onward Ho....

Hold on to your butt, we are takin you to the new domain.

and uh...if we don't, why don't you just click this here link 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving on...

After much deliberation, this blog is moving on. 

You can now visit your second most favourite blog of all time at our new location. Any guesses where? Okay.... how about you just google the blog name and see if anything new turns up.

The Blogspot address is not going anywhere for now. I plan to keep it alive for a couple of months till I am sure the kinks are worked out in the new place. Hopefully by vixdom's next birthday we would be in our new diggs.

If you are using a feedreader (like google reader) to follow this blog (and I know for a fact that 11 people are) then you might want to add the new URL too (if u manage to find it through google).

oh..and btw, vixlist is moving too. 

And it would really help if you dropped in a your thoughts about the new blog.