Saturday, May 15, 2004

Alanis Poem

found this poem on the Alanis website...amazin!!! probably because its 2:40 AM now.... hope it still is as good later.

at some point perhaps we could sit cross legged, facing each other.
(I have not felt this attracted to someone in years)
let's go lie down in your houseboat...
venture in (with god nestled in the green carpet)
say things like "so have you read all these books..."
you will tell me tragic stories and try to fluff them off as though
everyone has members
of their nuclear family die when they're young...
and you will be so curious about how I handled everything with
such dignity
(we'll debate about whether it was dignity or denial)
I will then ask you the same.
and I may never tell you about the dream I had...
you bought me olivia newton-john posters
and black lights
and I had you all to myself for an hour and I pushed you
up against the wall and kissed you and it was