Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Go Chargers

There is a chargers game on today. We play the Rajasthan Royals. And by saying 'we' I hope I leave no doubt on which team I am rooting for :-)

Yes, to say that the DC have been disappointing so far would be even more of an understatement than Laloo saying he has a some hair growth in his ear. But that still doesn't mean that its all over, and we go into collective mourning (which in Hyderabad means drinking 1/2 chai and muttering things like "c#00*!ye logaaa...inku to na...")

The Royals are a team I really like. And for the wrong reasons. Apart from Shane Warne I am not overly fond of anyone in the team but I love their logo. Very elegant and understated. Suits the team name. And I love their mascot. Moochu Singh.

And the fact that I like them is going to make today all the more tough when we beat the pulp off them.

Go Chargers!