Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The past year has been an eventful one by any stretch of imagination... Do I dare say it was probably the most 'happening' year in my life.... I think thats a fair statement to make.

To begin with... i turned 28. Now that's not just any other number... 28 is what we (me and nimish) had always considered to be 'grown up'. In short. I grew up.

'Break-up' with Asad was made official. :-) This one still seems funny to me.

I (FRICKIN!!!) got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my home done just the way I wanted it.... shower cubicles, wall paneling and calvin and hobbes etc

I moved into my own home.

I (HOLY MOMMA #$@$) got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I buy my first car

I change jobs!!!

A sedate 2008 doesn't sound like a bad idea. What say?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vizag Panorama

Will post about my trip later... most of you must have had enough commentary courtesy my SMSes during the trip... :-) Maybe I will take Rim's advice and just publish my SMS comments onto the blog.

Winter winter everywhere....

Reading Divya's post brought back memories of my early winters... Ranchi was cold...its much much warmer now I hear. The sun would barely shine, looking like a 'poppins'. Here is a phrase I haven't heard in a long long time.... 'in-sweater'...thats what we called the sweater which we wore ...well 'in'. And it was a big deal if your in-sweater was peeking out of your 'out sweater', and kids made fun of you. :-)

Winters also meant the whole family around the tiny room-heater we had. My bro 's asthma would kick-in during winters and my ailments in the summer. So mom always had a sick child around her.

---The rest of the post was accidentally deleted and I don't have the patience to type it out again---

Am back baby

So...what did I miss???