Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Film Festival


Over the past month, I have been seeing movies almost every weekend... no no! Make that every weekend... hold on! in fact, make that two..or maybe three every weekend.

The ones which come to mind first of course, are the ones which stand out for whatever reasons.

There was Jodhaa Akbar, which I am told is an amazing movie and I should be privileged to even be born in the same era when it was made (honest to god, thats what Rajeev Masand said). Me and Sanz saw the movie on the IMAX screen ( the local IMAX theatre screens regular movies on the giant screen now and then)... and we saw it sitting in the 4th row from the front. Of course, we divided the screen between us, and had team meetings to discuss what was happening in our part of the screen.

When the movie started, I felt uneasy and felt it might be boring and unimpressive.... half hour into the movie, my doubts were laid to rest. The movie was indeed boring and unimpressive. The lead pair were of course, looking like a million bucks. But thats about that.

I did realize what my dream job would be though, working as an editor for Mr. Gowarikar. Maybe I could learn to yodel, yo-yo while working for him. At one point I was fairly sure, that the movie was being still shot somewhere backstage and they were handing out more reels for screening. We were woken up every 20 minutes or so when the lead pair would yell out "Ekaanth!" to the attendants around. I assume this was ancient Indian speech for "Fuck Off Morons!"

Then last Saturday, we had to sit through another doozy. 10,000 B.C. If Spider-Man 3 was directed by Karan Johar, this was Subhash Ghai for sure. I was about to say Manmohan Desai...but let's give credit where its due. I love Manmohan Desai flicks!

Of course, I did happen to watch a few good flicks too... good.. no? great!

Across the universe, is without doubt one of the greatest musicals ever. I mean, how could it be anything else, with music from the Beatles blended together into a story.... Very highly recommended. Even if you are not a Beatles fan...especially if you are not a Beatles fan!

Last night again, I finally saw Darjeeling Limited. Wes Anderson  hasn't let me down yet. And seeing India through his eyes...this one was a privilege for sure.


Now that the Indian Hockey Team has proved that it's just as bad..as good.. just like the Indian Cricket team (don't think just in terms of the recent win down-under) I wonder why the media isn't asking that the Indian public treat the hockey team the same way the Indian cricket team was treated after their return from the World Cup...

After all, Hockey is our national sport, and so should be given as much..in fact more importance than cricket...blah blah! I don't even see any of the hockey players begging for their houses to be stoned like it happened  happens for the cricketers.

Perhaps its during times like these that our hockey team would be thankful for the gross neglect the game gets in our country.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ten in Draft

That's right, the count of unfinished posts in my Blogger drafts folder has touched double digits.....This is one of the worst bouts of writer's block i have ever been afflicted with.

But I do feel like writing about Jodhaa Akbar (a movie review at long last..)

So you might want to check back that the blog sometime on Monday, since I have a hunch this weekend I just might force myself to finish one of those drafts...