Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mmm... time to move on from my PS2?

Here I am....

We all have been witness to an event which occurs only once in our lifetime... 

I am of course, referring to me having a busy work-week. 

That's right, I have been busy.
All day.
For the entire week.

And If I am typing this blog post at 10 AM on a Thursday, its only because I know I have a fully packed day ahead of me.... (and also for one more reason...but more on that later).

Anyway, as things stand, I have  a few things I need to post about, so I will go ahead and try to do so before this weekend. So this can mean either one of two things can happen:

1. You see a flurry of new posts over this weekend, which would be the 'pent up' posts for the past couple of weeks.

2.This remains the only post till sometime in August, when the kid pops out.

If I had to bet, wanna know which option I would put my money on?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Confession Time

Pin drop silence.

White background.

Me in a black t-shirt.

And I am saying

“Mujhe kuch kehna he… kaise kahoon…”

ok ok. Enough of freaking you out.

But I do have a confession.

I love ‘Rakhi ka swayamvar’ on TV. Addicted to it. Can’t have enough of it. Look forward to the next episode more than my daily shot of ‘LOST’.

I was browsing thru the telly and chanced on the pilot halfway through the introductions of the ‘var’s.

It had me at 'hello’. so to speak.

The show which is on NDTV Imagine at 9 PM Weekdays (hey! they better pay me for this plug) is television at its finest. It made spending 50 bucks for TataSky’s Lifestyle Gold pack worthwhile. It has made life worthwhile.

The show features Rakhi Sawant (of course!), a queer recovering compulsive eater host, along with sixteen Neanderthals. The most impressive/entertaining  of which is a Mr. Luv Kapoor or something.  He spouts dialogues like “Jaise Raamji sadiyon se pahele Sita ko swayamvar main jeeta tha , waisi hi kaliyug mein uska beta Luv aap ko jeet ke leke jayega”. Seriously!!! He did! This guy will be picked up by Ms. Ekta Kapoor shortly as the male lead in “Kkyaa merrri zindagi…..” or “Kkkkkaun he merraa jeeevann saathheee” or something equally impressive.

We have an ex India Bulls marketing manager who actually sings well, an ex police man from Kashmir, a UP Bhaiya, a stalker, the missing link between humans and apes, and a whole lot of others.

I would love to blog more about this, but its 8:57 and the best part of my day is about to begin.