Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not again

How difficult is it to remember a birthday? Very. 

Yet again I forgot a very important birthday...one I knew was coming up...and then one day...Wham!! Its passed by.

October 6th was the ...damn! October 9th was the..6th birthday for this blog.

That's right, this is probably one of the oldest surviving blog. I know i mentioned this last year too but it does surprise me everytime I realize how long this little hobby has lasted.

And you know how this started? Well... Long long ago (and am talking about Windows 3.1 on a 386DX with 2MB RAM and a 120 MB Hard Drive) I started my journal. It was on Lotus Organizer. And the main reason I started it was because the software looked like a diary and I thought 'How cool would it be if I had a diary in a software which looks like a diary' (now don't give me that look)

And so it started.  I would type in what was going on in my life in the 'pages'. And if I remember right, the 'posts' were conversational and I was narrating incidents to... well...the future me.

Eventually the 'diary' evolved. I had sections where I would jot down ideas. Write about people I knew.. a chapter about each person. And I would constantly update these sections every once in a while.... of course the golden rule being, never delete what you have said. So each update would be...and update..an appendage at the end of the page with the date. And it made such great reading to see how my opinion on people changed as I knew them better, or as was more often seen, they remained steadfast.

I had sections for stories I wrote, ideas I had and so on.

When I travelled, I used to jot down things in a paper and laboriously reconstruct my 'exact thoughts' when I got back to my PC at home. I also had 'online backups' eventually (on Yahoo! briefcase)

Then Windows 95 happened. And I think the software didn't work too well with it.  Also in a freak accident I remember many posts getting deleted. More than 50% of them.

I realized that I just could not continue this way. So one afternoon when I was in VisualSoft I decided to migrate to an online platform.... the cloud.  (Wasn't I quite the visionary?)

 The first post 'Four Fingered Philosophers' was a copy paste from the diary. And now that I root through the old posts i realize that the first 'original' post wasn't until July in the following year. 

Anyways...enough of the history lesson. Basically what I just realized while typing this post is why I started this whole thing. It wasn't because you would read it. You are just incidental (sorry!!). Each post is purely for 'Future Me'.

So future vix, I think you could just smile and think a 'thanks' to the present and past me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tweet Me This

You can now see my Tweets right here on vixdom.... move your head ever so slightly to the right..and there you go!


I am aware of the golden rule of Rahman music - 'Thou shalt listen at least 7 times before passing judgment'

But just listened to Blue this morning in the car.... and all I can say is as per the Rahman Theorem don't expect much from the movie.

Of course the fact that it has Zayed Khan should have been warning enough.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

No big deal

Changed ISPs. And my new ISP gave me a domain name as part of the deal. So what does it mean?

Well, starting today you can type in 'www.vixdom.com' in your browser, to visit.

 Ya...I know. Hence the title.