Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twenty Nine...and counting!!

Yep! Just turned 29 about an hour ago.... and the surest sign that I am getting older is that it didn't matter to me one bit.

Anyways, first of all a Very Happy New Year and all that jazz!!! Glad to see you back no! I mean it.

I never take New Year Resolutions, I prefer Birthday Resolutions, since it gives me that one extra week to 'be bad'. Think of it like a 'snooze' button. You do enjoy and treasure that five glorious minutes of sleep during the alarm snooze don't you?

Not only do I make birthday resolutions, but I think I have been fairly successful at keeping them... (50% is a good success rate by my standards). Anyway my resolutions are usually kept to myself, but this time I thought I will let the whole world know...or the single digit readers of this blog to be precise. I do have these two 'special resolutions' this year, which I will not be writing about for personal reasons, but I might report on them next year if I do manage to keep them (Whoopty do!! something to look forward to..) Anyway without further ado (what's an ado?)...

1. Lose weight (Fat chance??? Pun unintended)
1.a - Reduce non-veg diet - Currently it stands at 'something everyday'. I am thinking along the lines of thrice a week max. And white meat only.

2. Blog Regularly - Satyam has the most pathetic internet speeds... my mobile GPRS is faster. Honest!! I actually timed it. Besides, blogger is blocked, so I will have to wait to get home and do it

2.a - Write stories too... I didn't write one the whole of 2007...and probably even 2006.

3. Drink More - Wha??? Don't people usually resolve to cut down? Well, I haven't been having as much fun as I should be. And drinking is fun...or at least leads to fun. Maybe at least twice a month. Currently this is more like once in two months. Pathetic!

3.a) Drink with Nimish - It just struck me that I haven't done this in ages...and I kinda miss it! Dude!!! Let's get smashed sometime.

4. Cook more. More often and newer dishes. One new dish a week would be impressive. But no promises here.

5. Read more. A book a month would help getting back on track. Problem is now that I am driving to work, I can't read during my commute. On the flip-side I am listening to a whole lot more of music in the car.

Oooh!! I had one more...which i forgot. Will add it if I remember.