Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Am back home....apparently

Fikar not! I am still nestled away in distant Cairo....Giza actually. But my body seems to think that I am back home. 

For the past few days, I have been feeling very, very sleepy by 7:30 or 8PM here. Last Saturday, I woke up at 5AM and today, sharp at 4:15.

If you add 3.5 hours to these timings, viola! They don't sound weird at all. Anyways, the body has to wait for 3 whole days before the rest of me catches up and actually moves back home. 

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wishlist 2008 - 09

Wishlist for 2008 - 2009 is now up on vixlist.blogspot.com

If you want your wishlist to be published, send it over.

Where do I go with this?

Whenever I don't have much to post about, I root through the huge mounds of unfinished posts, hoping I can find one that's destined to be completed. This morning I found this old draft, which seems to be one of the many unfinished….or rather barely started stories I was working on. Usually when I see an old draft, especially that of a story, I immediately remember the entire story, or at least the idea behind it. But with this one I have no clue where this 2 paragraph story was leading to. I am racking my brains hoping to remember what this one was about. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestion on how I can take this forward, let me know. (Bhaalu, Khaasi,
Ms. Iyer, Poo, I am looking at you folks). This story draft was dated December 5th 2005.


The loud clanging of the school bell was the sweetest sound to his ears, followed closely by the other bell…this from the ice-candy vendor. Sitting in the last bench as always, he would rush out upon hearing his favorite bell towards his second favorite one. Rohan would spend his daily pocket money, a princely sum of five rupees buying two grape flavored ice-candies. By the time, the rest of the crowd reached the beaming ice-candy vendor, they would have to see Rohan's purple stained tongue taunting them.


Today as he was rushing over to the ice-candy cart, he could see that someone had already beaten him to it. A girl, wearing a rather weathered uniform of the nearby school was fishing out money from her skirt pocket. Rohan reached the push-cart and gave the girl a glare, admonishing her. He was angry that his glare wasn't recognized and that the miscreant calmly took her purchase and walked contentedly away. Rohan's ice-candy seemed to lack a certain flavor that afternoon.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


After thinking, re-thinking, and thinking some more about it... I finally decided to go for a paid FlickR account. And over the last week, there has not yet been a moment of post purchase dissonance.... I should have done this much earlier...

Unlimited storage for all my pics, and a web service which actually is as good..naw! better than its desktop options...

in other news, I was in Hyd over the weekend, WAS. I am now back in Cairo.... and will be here till the 12th.. which means, both me and Sanz will pretty much be spending our 1st anniversary without each other.
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